Lion King Cake

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Celebrate a Birthday or a Baby Shower with this Lion King (Simba).

All decorations are edible. The Crown is made of fondant and handpainted with24 Karat Gold; The character images are 2D edible Prints.

If you would like to add a Happy Birthday Plaque or a Name (cutout fondant letters) please leave a note. If you wish to have both "Happy Birthday" plaque AND name, please note that they will NOT be on the same plaque. (Our Happy Birthday plaques are round embossed fondant pieces and we cannot add a custom name to it) We may need to move decoration pieces to allow for placement of names, depending on the length. 


Select your favourite flavour from our menu. All flavours feature 4 layers of sponge cake with our meringue based buttercream between cake layers. All Cakes are best served at room temperature. Please keep the cake in the fridge but Allow 2-3 hours at regular room temperature before serving, away from direct sunlight or a direct source of heat. All leftovers needs to be kept in the fridge.

*2 or 3 tier cakes will have extra decorations, with image on the top tier.
** Tiered cakes have dowels and lollipop sticks in the lower tiers to support the weight of tiers above, They need to be removed before serving. They will be easily spotted after cutting  Please refer to our cake cutting guide for tips of cutting all cakes. 
*** Edible prints are applied either directly to the cake and can be served as a part of cake, or attached to a fondant and food safe wire (if the image is in the form of a topper). The wire needs to be removed from the cake before serving as it is not edible.
**** All cakes featuring edible prints require at least 2 week notice, occasionally we have images in stock and may be able to accommodate orders placed less than 2 weeks ahead, but if we are not able to accept the order due to time limits to place an edible print order, we will reach out to you as soon as possible to make alternate arrangements.
*****Our cakes are nut-free. We use nuts in other products we make. Chances of cross contamination is low, but not zero. Please use caution with severe allergies. For allergy concerns please contact us.