We can create a custom cake of any shape and size for your events. The following menu is based on our most popular flavours. Custom flavours are available (may cost extra). Minimum order may apply.

Buttercream covered cakes start at $6.00 per serving and include a simple decoration or a chocolate drizzle*.

Fondant covered cakes start at $8.00 per serving and include a simple decoration*.

Contact us for a more accurate quote on more elaborate designs.

* prices based on a 100 serving three tier cake. Smaller or larger cakes may have a different per serving price point.

Vanilla: Vanilla cake, Vanilla buttercream, Earl grey White chocolate ganache, (optional toasted almonds).

Vanilla and berry: Vanilla cake, Raspberry or Strawberry buttercream, Raspberry or Strawberry cream, (optional fresh berries).

Citrus: Vanilla cake, Lemon curd, Vanilla or Lemon buttercream, (optional fresh berries)

Mocha: Chocolate cake, Mocha buttercream, Espresso ganache, (optional toasted walnuts)

Banana: Banana cake, Mocha buttercream, sliced bananas, (optional toasted walnuts)

Chocolate: Chocolate cake, Chocolate buttercream, Chocolate ganache, (optional toasted walnuts)

Noisette: Chocolate cake, Chocolate buttercream, Hazelnut cream (optional hazelnut pieces)

Provençal: Honey cake, lavender buttercream, Lemon curd (optional blueberries or blackberries)

Hawaiian: Vanilla cake, Coconut buttercream, Pineapple cream, Toasted coconuts (optional toasted macadamia nuts)

Tropical: Chocolate cake, Chocolate or passionfruit buttercream, Passionfruit cream, Chocolate ganache

Eastern: Cardamom cake, Saffron buttercream, White chocolate ganache, (optional toasted almonds).


The possibilities are endless when it comes to desserts. We have an extensive dessert menu ranging from mousses and tarts to cookies and cupcakes. All dessert items are individual canape sizes. Minimum order may apply.

The following menu is a list of the most popular items.

Contact us for more options or if you desire a dessert not listed.

Contact us for more information about sweet tables and dessert bars.

Cake pops

  • Vanilla cake dipped in white chocolate (or dark chocolate) $2.35
  • Chocolate cake dipped in dark chocolate (or white chocolate) $2.35


Small cupcakes $2.25

  • Vanilla: vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream
  • Lemon: vanilla cake, lemon buttercream
  • Chocolate : chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream

Large cupcakes (filled in the center and topped with buttercream): $3.50

  • Vanilla: Vanilla cake, white chocolate ganache, vanilla buttercream
  • Lemon: vanilla cake, lemon curd filling, lemon buttercream
  • Chocolate: chocolate cake, chocolate ganache filling, chocolate buttercream
  • Tropical: chocolate cake, passionfruit filling, chocolate OR passionfruit buttercream

 Tarts (Individual Canape size)

  • Chocolate orange: Vanilla shell, orange curd, chocolate ganache $2.75
  • Lemon meringue: Vanilla shell, Lemon curd, Italian meringue $2.25
  • Almond and pear: Vanilla shell, almond frangipane, poached pears $2.50
  • Fruit tart: Vanilla shell, vanilla custard, fresh fruits and berries $2.00


  • Raspberry vanilla cream $2.00
  • Mango coconut cream $2.00
  • Chocolate hazelnut $2.60


  • Chocolate hazelnut: chocolate brownie cake with toasted hazelnuts covered with dark chocolate ganache $2.75
  • Cheesecake: Graham cracker crust, cassis marmalade, vanilla cheesecake topped with berries $2.75
  • Mousse: almond sponge cake, raspberry mousse, topped with berries  $2.50


  • Tiramisu: Vanilla sponge soaked in hazelnut liquor, mascarpone cream, chocolate shaving $5.50
  • Lemon berry: Vanilla sponge cake, lemon curd, raspberry coulis, Chantilly cream $4.50
  • Double chocolate mousse: chocolate crunch, dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse, chocolate shavings $5.00
  • Panna cotta: Vanilla panna cotta, passionfruit jelly, chocolate shavings  $4.25


  • Vanilla white chocolate $2.15
  • Dark chocolate $2.15
  • Berry buttercream $2.15


  • Double chocolate chip hazelnut: chocolate cookie, chocolate chips, hazelnuts $1.85
  • Orange cranberry: orange cookie, cranberry, nuts $2.00
  • Peanut butter cookie $1.75
  • Vanilla sable cookie drizzled with chocolate $1.50
  • Decorated sable cookies (price depending on design) $3.00 and up

Party Favours

  • Marshmallow bags (passion fruit or strawberry)  $3.75
  • Macaron box (two macarons in a box) $6.00
  • Meringue cookie bags $2.00
  • Natural fruit gummy bags $7.50
  • Any jar dessert (refer to jar dessert menu)